PLANT’D Cheddar Spread

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A guilt-free guilty pleasure for smothering, big dipping, lathering and layering. Everything good about Cheddar with none of the hangups. Cheddar remains a sticking point for would be do-gooders, world changers, and early adopters the world over. Much like bacon, cheddar guards the door to enlightenment like a veteran bouncer, and try as they might, some folks are doomed to trundle up to find their name’s not on the list over and over again.

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Nutritional yeast, Turmeric, Miso, Cashew nuts, Coconut cream, Celtic salt, Lemon distilled vinegar, Deodorized coconut oil, Vegan cultures 5 moth shelf life

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2kg tub, 300gm jar, 6x 300gm jars