NAKED PLANET Dairy-Free Greek Style Vanilla Bean Yoghurt

$8.00 rrp

As Naked Planet we had one job, develop a plant-based yoghurt that tastes like a proper yoghurt. We have gone over and beyond expectations on taste, now we are introducing best-ever tasting plant-based natural yoghurt:

Naked Planet Dairy-Free Greek Style Vanilla Bean Yoghurt 500g

  • Billions of probiotics
  • No Added Sugar
  • 60mg Omega-3

With no compromise on taste, our dairy-free yoghurt tastes just like the real thing. The first of it’s kind to hit supermarket shelves, this plant-based yoghurt contains a rich source of omega-3 and probiotics.

Coconut Cream (UHT), Pasteurised Water, Rice Starch, Stabilisers (Xanthan Gum (E415), Guar Gum (E412), Carrageenan (E407)), Organic Vanilla Bean Paste (0.62%), Natural Vanilla Flavour, Vegan Culture, probiotics, Monk Fruit Extract, Cane Sugar, Algal DHA

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2kg tub, 500g bag, 500g tubs x8


Naked Planet