RICE CULTURE Shio (Salt) Koji

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Shio” means “salt” so Shio Koji means Salt Koji and

is a liquid seasoning and can be used as a healthy

alternative to salt. It is a traditional seasoning from the Tohoku region of Japan and can easily be made at home by mixing Koji, salt and water and fermenting on bench top for 7-10 days (depending on season).


The jar contains dry Koji and salt – all you need to do is add 120cc of water!

Let the mixture ferment for 7-10 days in room temperature and it is ready to use.

Shio Koji can be used as salt substitute and to tenderize meat and add natural umami flavour to your dishes. Have a look at the recipe page for recipe ideas.

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Certified Australian Organic Rice, BFA Certified Sea Salt, Koji Starter (Aspergillus Oryzae) 

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125g Jar, 1kg, 6 x 125g Jars


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