Vegan Turkey

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Tofu, Raw, Firm (46.2%) (Soya, Sulphites), Gluten Flour (17.3%), Water (13.8%), Smoke Cooking And Bbq Sauce (4.5%), Nutritional Yeast Flakes (3.8%), Vegetable Oil (3.8%), Corn Flour (3.5%) [Cornflour], Cider Vinegar (1.5%), Vegan Vegetable Powder (1.5%), Onion Powder (1.2%), Garlic Powder (1.2%), Salt (1.2%), Sage (0.31%), Rosemary (0.31%). Contains Wheat, Soya, Sulphites. May contain traces of Lupin, Wheat. May contain gluten, sesame, peanuts and tree nuts due to shared equipment


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400gm loaf, 6x 400gm loaves