GONDINO Parmesan with Black Pepper

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Gondino Peppercorns is a chickpea flour and coconut oil-based alternative combined with whole organic peppercorns. With a flavour and texture that is so close to the original, you will win over the fiercest Parmesan-lover and even Italians!

You can use it just like Parmesan and Grana Padano. Grate it or shave it on top of your favorite pasta dish and add it as part of a creamy risotto or on top. Artisan-made by an independent vegan Italian company certificated organic.

Water, potato starch, coconut oil *, chickpea flour * 10.8%, nutritional yeast, sea salt, pepper 0,19%, natural flavourings *Organic Ingredient

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200g, 8x 200g