RICE CULTURE Chickpea Miso

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Chickpea Miso is a soy-free miso made from Australian-grown gO-free certified chickpeas.
It is a sweeter variety with a floral note and unique chickpea flavour. As chickpeas have less fat and protein compared to soybeans, the umami flavour is relatively mild, making this variety a good match with Western cuisines in combination with milk and cream.

Certified Australian organic rice, certified Australian chickpea, BFA certified salt, Koji Starter (Aspergillus oryzae) ALLERGENS: SOY FREE “We make sure that our chickpea miso is free of soy (we never make the two in the same batch) and are very careful with the cleaning process, however, we do use the same equipment.” Rice Culture

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220g Jar, 3 x 800g, 6 x 220g


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