SOYOYOY Unbutr’d Lil Lava

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LIL LAVA / Fragrant Masala spices churned with our all-natural creamy soymilk and selected ingredients cultivates a richly warming, plant-strong compound butter alternative. It’s butterable, bakeable, fryable, whippable, spreadable and delectable. It’s Unbutr’d Lil Lava, made in Tasmania.

Product weight : 250g

Shelf life : 4 weeks

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Soyoyoy soymilk (Australian certified biodynamic soybeans, UV filtered Tasmanian water), organic odourless coconut oil, vegetable oil, soy lecithin, Tasmanian sea salt, onion, tomato powder, Masala spices, Tasmanian apple cider vinegar, lactic acid, beta carotene Allergens: contains soy

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