ARTISA White Hills Sloe Gin Cheese

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White Hills is a mature cashew cheese flavoured with Tasmanian sloe gin. The cheese spends several weeks in contact with spent sloes obtained from a local distillery, imparting a delicate pink hue to the rind. The texture is creamy but firm.
Flavours of red stonefruit, some sweetness but also a little residual tartness.
Serving suggestions:
Pair with cranberry crackers and fresh red fruits – currants, strawberries or grapes.
Wine pairing: Sloe gin is an obvious choice, maybe topped up with a dry sparking wine for a Sloe Royale. A delicate rose would also be delightful.

Best before: Four months from packing
Pack size: 120g

Available from Nov 13.
Stocks may be limited initially.

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Cashews, filtered water, refined organic coconut oil, sea salt, non-dairy probiotic starter culture, sloe gin on rind.

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