SOYOYOY BRIE’ZY Plant Based Spread

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BRIE’ZY is a buttery-soft, cheesy spread made from 100% plants. It’s delicately delicious and versatile. Whether used as a spread, sauce, dollop or dip, it delivers natural goodness into a premium flavour.
What makes BRIE’ZY dreamy and light without sacrificing taste or texture?

Our gold-medal-winning tofu, the cream in our cheeses, is made from 100% Australian Certified Organic soybeans.

* 10 week refrigeration life


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Soyoyoy Tofu 50% (Australian Certified Organic soybeans, UV double-filtered Tasmanian water, calcium sulphate), Soyoyoy soy milk 20% (Australian Certified Organic soybeans, UV double-filtered Tasmanian water,) Certified Organic coconut oil, tapioca, deactivated yeast, vinegar, fresh Australian lemon, Tasmanian sea salt, mustard, dairy-free lactic acid.

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270g Jar, 3x 1kg, 6x 270g Jars